Become a mentor

Helping others succeed feels great — and you get paid!

Realize human potential

Talent is everywhere, opportunity is not. By finding the most talented mentees, you can help someone realize their potential.

Be a better manager

Being a good mentor is part of being a good manager. Whether you're already a manager, or are hoping to be one, mentoring is a great way to improve your skills.

Get paid

For mentors, Pelion is like investing your time and network into others'. You get paid when you partner with mentees with unrealized potential.

Get started with mentoring

What to expect

1:1 Career help

1-4 meetings, phone calls, or video calls per month.


Ad hoc advice and sparring, moral support, and hard truths.

Domain expertise

Practical expertise from an experienced practitioner — always close by.

Learning materials

Hand-picked learning materials, articles, talks, etc. Never wonder what to read next.